Keep Fort Worth Funky

“Sweet Baby Jesus, please keep Fort Worth Funky.”

It hasn’t been confirmed, but that might be what James prays each night before bed. Behind every great movement are great people. James Zametz is one of those great people. He and his wife Haven are the people behind Keep Fort Worth Funky, and we consider it a privilege to know them as friends and allies in a common mission.

From their website:

My wife and I started Keep Fort Worth Funky with the mission to keep what is unique and special about this city intact. Not only that, we intend to make Funkytown even Funkier!!! Supporting local business, local artists, community organizations, farmers, growers, crafters, artists, musicians, out of the box thinkers, innovators, and world changers!!

You can’t go long before seeing their influence in much of the funky in Fort Worth.

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