Funkytown Circus – Episode 1: BTS

It’s kind of hard for us to describe exactly what Fort Worth Funky is. Part of that struggle comes out of the way it’s evolved even in our own understanding. What began as a way to creatively share the stories of the people in this community, has become for us community in and of itself.

Relationships that begin during a simple interview, turn into something more meaningful than we could have imagined. As we’ve enjoyed that experience time and again, we started to ask the question, “What if there was a way for these friends to spend time together, each of the unique pieces of Fort Worth Funky, all in the same place, at the same very special time?”

And that was how the idea for Funkytown Circus was born.

The vision for Funkytown Circus is for the many unique, funky bits of Fort Worth to come together in a slightly unproduced fashion, in which we all partake.

On November 12, hosted by Blake Hestir and Sarah Sampson on Fairmount St., with the help of many, many friends, Funkytown Circus, Episode 1 came to be. In the coming days, we’ll be sharing many of the beautiful people, and inspired moments from the evening. For now, to whet your appetite, enjoy a few behind the scenes glimpses from the evening.

Musical guests included Keegan Mcinroe, Summer Dean, Bobby “Texas” Gardner, Canyon Kafer, Ansley The-Destroyer Dougherty, and Deanna Valone. Poetry by Tyler Brown. Art by Megan York. And to close the night off—a little theatrical entertainment from Christina Cranshaw, Frieda Austin and Jeff Stanfield.


Also we  would like to give a huge hug to the film crew that made the first Funkytown Circus so amazing.  Jared Deer, Joseph Capps, Eric Hahn, Alexa Hahn, Alex Rosales. They do it, because they love the stories, the city and are proud to be part of this creative project.

Warren, Ben & Julie

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